It's Been Awhile Hasn't It?

I haven't written anything for a bit. There's a variety of reasons. First is there has be a dearth of vehicles. Can't write about cars if you don't have any to drive.

Second reason is I've been away. I don't want to say I've been on vacation because I'm retired and it's hard to be on vacation when you don't work. (Actually I do work but only part-time.)

And then there's the thing about me being a klutz. While on vacation I stepped aside to give a waiter with a full tray of dirty dishes some room. Except there was nothing but air where I stepped. I missed two steps and fell on my left side. Not wanting to mess up a great vacation in Puerto Vallarta with family I sucked it up. But when I got home and my left arm was still swollen and sore I decided maybe a x-ray was in order. Fractured (a tiny fracture) the radius in my left arm. 

So there's been no test cars and very little progress on the Ranchero. I did a little work on it before we went away. Just a little. I hope to get back at it soon. I'm about ready to set the line pressure for the transmission.

But I did some work on the Lumina because it wouldn't start anymore. I wrote about that earlier. I'm pleased to say that the Lumina starts and runs just fine now.

I do have two vehicles lined up but not until December! I'm looking forward to both a Ram 1500 EcoDiesel and the Kia Soul X-Line. Pickups are very popular in my area and the EcoDiesel has a highway economy rating of 32 mpg which should be welcome. I've always liked the Kia Soul and it's been a few years since I drove one.

I've requested a VW Golf GTI Autobahn and a Genesis G70 but no word on when I might get in them. 

As you can see I've changed to pictures on the site. Let me know what you think.

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