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When is a Supra not a Supra?

Toyota used to build a car named Supra. It was more or less a Grand Touring (GT) car, a car made for fast, comfortable, even luxurious travel. The first Supra was barely any of these, it was essentially a Celica with an under-powered 2.6-liter, straight six.  I think  it was a poseur designed to test the waters. The next Supra, also based on the Celica but with some major upgrades, is my favorite. It's DOHC, 2.8-liter inline six was rated at 145 hp, with 4-wheel independent suspension. When the third generation Supra was introduced it no longer shared a platform with the Celica. All Supras, from the very first until the end of production of the fourth generation were 2+2 models. As far as I'm concerned they are GTs. To me a car model name shouldn't be applied to a totally different type. It just bugs me that Ford named its evidently wonderful e-Vehicle Mustang Mach-e (I've not driven one so I can't attest to its wonderfulness). Heck it bothered me when Ford in

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