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2022 VW Jetta SEL Premium - A right size sedan

  I like sedans. I like them more than SUVs. That puts me at odds with most out there. When I was younger I preferred 2-door sedans and coupes. I still like 2-doors but I guess I'm more practical in my dotage.  What is it that I like about a sedan? Well right off the top it isn't a SUV or truck. Not that all SUVs are truck based. Then of course there's the fact that I do not travel with a large family. It's usually just my wife and me, occasionally one of our grand-kids, or maybe another couple. Yup a nice 4-door sedan fits our needs just fine. And the 2022 VW Jetta is a perfect size 4-door sedan for me even though the EPA says it is a 'compact'. Within its 186.5" in length there is room for five (four very comfortably), and enough room for almost nine carry-on bags in the trunk (one carry on bag holds about 1.6 cubic feet). What else should a modern car excel at? Fuel economy! US EPA rates this Jetta at 40-mpg on the highway and an astonishing 29-mpg aroun

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