2018 Ford F-150 King Ranch – The Ultimate F-150?

Yeah I know it is 2019, well past new car introduction. The Ford website (www.ford.com) doesn’t show any 2018s although there may be a few on some dealer’s lot. In fact my local dealer, Tracy Ford, has a fair number of ‘18s.

Why there is a 2018 in the press fleet in mid-January 2019 is beyond me. (As I was writing this a fellow writer posted that he was driving a 2019 F-150 4X4 SuperCrew.)

Regardless the F-150 King Ranch 4X4 SuperCrew was my ride for a week. My only real regret is that I didn’t have anything large to move.

In case you didn’t know there is a King Ranch. It is 825,000 acres of Texas ranch land. To put that in perspective the King Ranch is bigger than the State of Rhode Island. I don’t know how much Ford pays for the rights to the King Ranch name and logo but obviously it is worth it. I am willing to bet that the profit margin on a King Ranch truck is huge.

Speaking of huge the test F-150 4X4 King Ranch SuperCrew, while not the largest F-150, is 231.9” long (just under 20’) on a wheelbase of 145”. (The longest SuperCrew sits on a wheelbase of 156.8” and is 243.7” long.) It is 77.2” tall, 79.9” wide excluding the mirrors, and weighs 4,867 lbs. An important measurement is the height of the open tailgate – 35.7” (almost two inches lower for the 2WD).

The interior of the King Ranch is a mixture of Southwest and high tech. The seats are leather in a style that would look right in someone’s ranch house. They could be a bit more rustic looking in my opinion but that’s just me. Overall the cabin was a nice place to spend some time but it was almost too pretty to get dirty. (Again that’s just me; if you can afford a King Ranch you probably don’t worry about it getting dirty.) The high tech comes with Ford’s centerstack with its eight inch screen and connectivity.

The seats front and rear are heated with the fronts also capable of cooling your butt as well. The front seats have a massage function that seemed over the top for me but maybe after a hard day checking the far corners of your estate a rubdown might be nice.

Getting in and out is made easier with the automatic retractable running boards. Open the door, any door, and the running board folds out and down. The running board is wide enough that it was easy to use. I do wonder how well in would work when covered with ice and snow but it was find here in California.

 This F-150 SuperCrew, any SuperCrew with the 145” wheelbase, has a box length of only 67.1” so a 4X8 sheet of anything is going overhand the close tailgate by 30”.

Under the hood was the tried and true 5.0-liter, OHC V8. It is rated at 395 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. If you want more power there is a high output EcoBoost 3.5-liter V6 that has 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque (2019 specs). The only transmission available is a 10-speed automatic. For the most part it operated smoothly but now and then it seemed like it couldn’t quite figure out what gear it should be in and shuddered.

Fuel economy for the 4X4 is rated at 16-mpg city and 22-mpg highway with a combined of 18-mpg. The digital readout showed I averaged just under 18-mpg. Ford offers different fuel tanks; the standard tank holds 23 gallons while the optional tank holds 36! With the optional tank this truck could travel around 700 miles per tankful!

Perhaps the biggest downside for me was that I never came even close to getting a full load of just over a ton. Without a big payload the F-150 4X4 King Ranch rode like a truck. The luxury interior muted the truckness some but it was still an empty truck.

The 4X4 with the 5.0 and the test trucks. 3.31 rear axle ratio can tow 9,000 lbs. Go for the 3.73 ratio and that grows to 10,900 lbs.

There was one little nit for me to pick – the parking brake. It is electronic and although I at first did not trust electronic parking brakes they have proved themselves. I thought I found the e-brake switch on the console; there was a switch that without my reading glasses on looked like it said “Park”. It did but not for parking brake but to tell me how much room there was on the right side of the truck. I finally found the e-brake way down where the release handle for a mechanical e-brake would be – in the dark!

The answer to the title is, No the King Ranch is not the ultimate F-150. Astonishingly the F-150 King Ranch is not the most expensive F-150. Above the King Ranch is the Platinum, Raptor, and Limited. Regardless the test ’18 F-150 4X4 SuperCrew King Ranch had a base price of $55,025, and an as equipped price of $65,675. (A comparable 2019 has a base price of $57,410 using the ‘build it’ feature of www.ford.com.)

I would imagine that you could get a pretty decent discount on a 2018 if you haggle. Trucks are hot right now but no dealer wants too many of last year’s models sitting around.


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