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Would you like a little performance with your pickup truck? Here's the 2020 Ford Ranger SuperCrew 4X4 Lariat

When most people think of a Ford Ranger they think of the small pickup introduced in ’82 as an ’83 model. But the name goes back to the mid ‘60s when it was a trim level of the F100. Today’s Ranger is more of a midsize pickup. But it is only midsize in relation to what is full size now. Back when a Ranger was a full-size model it had either a 115” or 131” wheelbase. Today’s Ranger sits on a 126.8” wheelbase. In my opinion that makes the new Ranger just about the right size. And in order to be considered mid-size wouldn’t there have to be something smaller? But let’s put all that aside and move on. Back when the “new” Ranger came out I reviewed one and liked it but I wasn’t over-the-moon with it. I’m not quite there but a lot closer now. I tested a 2020 Ranger SuperCrew 4X4 Lariat with a 5’ bed. There are two basic Rangers, a SuperCab (a stretched cab with 2 full doors and two half doors) that seats four, and the SuperCrew that is a 4-door that seats five. The only engine availa

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