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The End of the Internal Combustion Engine? Really?

There is an article in this month’s (January 2020) Fortune magazine, an opinion piece by Christina Figueres, that is titled “WE’LL WITNESS THE END OF THE INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE ERA” in the 2020s ( That’s a pretty bold statement. And it’s not one I agree with.

First let’s look at some facts –

Only eighteen percent of all electricity in the United States was produced by renewable sources in 2017, including solar, wind, and hydroelectric dams. That's up from 15% in 2016, with the shift driven by new solar and wind projects, the end of droughts in the West, and a dip in the share of natural gas generation.
Renewable sources (solar, wind, and hydroelectric) provided 26.2 percent of the global electricity generated in 2018. That's expected to rise to 45 percent by 2040.
Parts of the United States’ electric network are more than a century old and 70 percent of the grid's transmission line…

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