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Is the Honda Passport Trailsport the forgotten Honda SUV? It shouldn't be.

It's getting so there really isn't much difference from one SUV to another. Sort them by size and compare one to its competition. They all have copious storage, seating for up to eight (depending on size and seat arrangement). You could check to see which ones have the best reliability ratings but in my opinion there isn't a bad one out there. You could decide based on fuel economy but within a specific size range there isn't much difference.  So it comes down to personal preference.   If you preference is for a Honda you have a few choices, from compact (HR-V) to the top of the line, the Passport. Top of the line you ask? I had the same question. From what I can tell the Passport is slightly more expensive than the Pilot; yet the Pilot is slightly larger (in some dimensions) than the Passport. Confused yet? It's a good thing I'm not in charge of marketing because having two vehicles this similar doesn't make sense to me. Obviously it makes sense to Honda. B

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