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Another 2018? Yup, this time a 2018 Ford Expedition

2019 shown - Picture courtesy of Ford.
As the Rolling Stones sang, "Who wants yesterday's papers?" And then they also answered the question, "Nobody in the world."

So why review the 2018 Ford Expedition? I suppose I could 'upgrade' the '18 to '19 specs and pretend I tested a '19. But that wouldn't be honest. But many auto makers almost demand an article for every vehicle a writer is lent.

My first impression of the '18 Expedition was darn it's big. My neighbors have a last generation Expedition (2006-2017) and it is 206.5" long on a wheelbase of 119". The '18 is 210" long on a wheelbase of 122.5". It is also an inch wider.

There may be some of you that need such a large vehicle, I do not. I young fellow I work with, who is single, and rather slightly built, loves big vehicles. I don't ask why.

In the week I had the Expedition I was always cautious because of its size. I'm used to driving vehicles m…

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