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Is Your Car Smog Legal?

As most of you know I used to work for the California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) with an emphasis on the Smog Inspection Program. I had a reputation for identifying illegally modified vehicles and then monitoring the smog stations that certified them. I was pretty successful.

I haven't worked for the State for almost ten years. I have no contacts within the BAR anymore and even if I did I have no reason to pass on information. I did not leave the BAR on good terms. If they can't or won't do their job that's their problem not mine.

I still like to check on the modified cars I see though. I no longer covertly see what's been modified, nor do I have the ability to see where they were certified. I can, like any other person, see whether they have been certified or not. It's easy using the BAR's site:

In my travels around my town I've seen a fair number of what I believe are illegally modifie…

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