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Is the power grid the weak link in the EV highway?

  The United States has had some bad weather this year. And it's played havoc with our electrical infrastructure. It makes me wonder if we are really ready for a complete switch to an all-electric vehicle fleet. Everyone is aware of the fiasco in Texas. Regardless of who you blame the fact remains that millions were without electricity for at least a week. As outraged as we all were about Texas, power outages are the norm in many areas. I grew up in rural Eastern Connecticut. Power outages were routine. We all had a stash of candles and wooden matches, or a few flashlights, or even some oil lamps. A power outage could happen anytime during the year. Rain, wind, snow, sub-freezing temperatures, could all trigger an outage.  I still have friends back east and this year there have been more than a few outages. They are a pain in the neck at any time but during the winter months they are especially dangerous for the elderly or infirm.  Every time I hear about a power outage I wonder ab

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