2024 Subaru Solterra Touring - A vey nice EV


I am not sold on EVs but at the same time it is possible to like a specific electric vehicle. Case in point is the Subaru Solterra Touring. Outside of the silent running it was just a nice car. It didn't ride like an EV; so many EVs feel like a half ton pickup carrying a ton - overloaded. 

If you are a Subaru or Toyota fan you already know that the Solterra is a kissing cousin of the Toyota bZ4X (is that a name?). I don't have a problem with sharing.

There are two things most people want to know about an EV, how far will it go on a full charge, and how fast is it? The Solterra does not have record breaking range. Subaru says the Touring will go up to 222 miles. It can be charged from a 10% to 80% charge in 35 minutes. Subaru considers this good, me not so much. Los Angeles is about 350 miles from my home. In most new vehicles I can make it without refueling. Granted I may have to stop for a bathroom break but that doesn't take 35 minutes. And that's the rub for most EVs. 'Nuff said about the electric side.

The Sulterra is a very nice mid-size SUV. For me the styling is just a touch too weird but it's not "Hey look at me I'm an EV" weird. I'm not a big fan of angular cars (don't get me started on the Tesla truck). 

Hidden deep within the Solterra is a 96 cell, lithium-ion battery pack and two electric motors that have a combined power output of 215-hp, and 249 lb.-ft. Being a Subaru of course it has AWD. It's an EV so it is quick, 0-60 in 6.5 seconds.

I have never seen this material before. It felt like a fabric and was kind of semi-soft. It felt like it would be easy to clean. It sure was different and I liked it.

Two comfortable front seats made driving a joy.

On the other hand I just couldn't get used to this squared off steering wheel. I'm okay with the flat-bottom ones but my brain just couldn't accept this. 

Strangely I didn't have a problem with most of these controls. Maybe you can teach an old dog (me) a new trick or two.

Yes the rear seat will hold three people. I'm waiting for someone to bring back a real bench seat. Until that time can we stop saying cars seat 5? 

I really meant what I said in the first paragraph, the Solterra did not ride like most EVs, the ride was more like a "normal" SUV. I've long said that if the masses are going to be attracted to EVs they have to become more normal, normal in looks and operation. The Solterra is more normal in both.

Having said that I'm still not sold on EVs in general. I've stated my reasons before. But the Solterra is a nice car, EV or not. Only you can say if you're ready to make the change.

The Solterra starts at $44,995 (subaru.com). There are three versions, the base Premium, the Limited at $48,495, and the Touring like the one I drove at $51,995. Subaru is known for rugged, reliable cars. I expect nothing less from the Solterra.


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