Looking for a truck

I sold the Ranchero, and I'll say bye-bye to the Lumina in September. We just got a new car. We probably don't really need two cars but I want a small pickup.

I'm thinking of something along the lines of a Ford Ranger (not the new one), Chev S-10, Toyota Tacoma, or Nissan Frontier. It's got to have A/C and P/S that's about the only "musts." 

Any engine is fine, 4- or 6-cylinder. A manual transmission would be nice but if it has an automatic my wife could drive it in an emergency. 

I would consider a low-mileage full-size but it would have to be really nice and in my price range. And if it is full-size I'd prefer it to be between a '68-'75 short bed (no smog and some modern amenities).

Now here's the kickers - I don't want anything with hundreds of thousands of miles on it, or something that's been wrecked or beat up, and I'd like to keep the price to around $5,000 (yeah I know, good luck). 

So if you know of anyone looking to sell a truck let me know.


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