2023 Honda Accord Hybrid Sport


I can sum up the 2023 Honda Accord Hybrid Sport in one short phrase - It is about as perfect a family sedan as you can find. There, review over. Well not really.

I'm not saying the 2023 Honda Accord Hybrid Sport is the perfect car, just that it is one of the nicest family sedans out there. 

I've written before about how the Accord has grown from a what was a nice compact car to what is now what I consider a full-size sedan. But then we've (or at least I have) grown since then as well. 

Let's look at the numbers. The current Accord (11th generation!) is 195.7" long on wheelbase of 11.4", it is 73.3" wide, 57.1" tall, and it weighs around 3,500 lbs. depending on trim. It will seat five and there was a ton of legroom in the back seat.

The front seats offered more than enough legroom and were nice and comfy. I didn't do any "sporty" driving but in the sport of everyday driving they worked just fine, and they looked good too. I'm not sure I needed a 10-way, power adjustment for the driver's seat because I found a comfortable setting fairly quickly.

Under the hood is a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder that makes 146 hp, and it is coupled with a two motor hybrid system that adds 181 hp. Drive is though a CVT to the front wheels. You can select four modes - Econ, Normal, Sport, and Individual. I left it in Econ and it was fine.

Well it was actually better than fine. The EPA rates the Accord Hybrid Sport at 41-mpg highway and 44-mpg city. That's pretty good right? Well I drove it on the highway with some stop and go traffic and saw an indicated 55.1-mpg! I was astounded. And it looks like someone got even better economy, 53.6-mpg. I'm not saying you would get that economy all the time but it is an indication of what is possible.

For the most part all the controls were easy to locate and use. I do find steering wheel controls, especially the cruise and associated controls hard to see but maybe that's a condition of age (mine). I still like knobs and although the sound system volume control dial is small (that's it sitting all alone) I preferred twisting it over using the controls on the steering wheel.

Guess what? The Accord Hybrid Sport had a real gearshift lever. Thank you. 

There is 16.7 cu. ft. of storage in the trunk. The rear seats fold down in a 60/40 split so you can carry longer items.

Like many current cars there is a slew of safety features like Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Mitigation Braking System, Lane Keeping Assist System, Road Departure Mitigation, Traffic Jam Assist, and one of my favorites Driver Attention Monitor (Keep your eyes on the road!). The nice thing about all this stuff is that for the most part they aren't intrusive except if you need them. 

I have to say I really liked the 2023 Honda Accord Hybrid Sport. It looks great, rides comfortably, handles well, and it gets great fuel economy (without having to worry about where to plug in). The Radiant Red Metallic paint was beautiful (I'd prefer the blue Still Night Pearl). 

I had to get a software update so I can put today's car prices in perspective. The 2023 Honda Accord Hybrid Sport starts at $31,345 if you opt for either a black or silver exterior color. Going with a color that "pops" (as they say) will add $455. Add in the destination fee, and taxes and you'll be in the mid-$30 grand area. In today's market that is very competitive. I think you'll enjoy the Honda Accord Hybrid Sport. Check it out.


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