2022 Genesis G80 AWD 3.5T Sport Prestige - Yeah it's that nice.

When you think luxury cars you need to include Genesis. I'm not going to compare Genesis to other luxury brands, every single Genesis model can stand on its own merits. Case in point is the G80.

The G80 is the middle of three Genesis sedans. There are three basic G80 versions, the 2.5T, 2.5T AWD, and the 3.5T AWD. The 2.5T is a turbocharged 4-cylinder that produce 300 hp (not bad). The 3.5T twin-turbo V6 ups this to 375 hp. One of the wonders of modern turbo engines is their insanely high compression ratios - 11.1 for the 3.5T! Both engines want premium fuel.

Both versions use an 8-speed automatic transmission with selective drive modes. The base 2.5T is RWD, the rest are All-Wheel-Drive. I could live without AWD but Genesis doesn't agree if you opt for the 3.5T. 

The base 2.5T is rated at 23-mpg city and 32-mpg highway. The 3.5T as tested is rated at 17-mpg city and 26-mpg highway. In just over 150 miles of combined driving I saw 20.4-mpg. 

The 4,500 lb (+/-) G80 can get to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds and tops out at 155 mph. Yup this Korean is made for the Autobahn. And no I didn't check out either the 0-60 or top speed. 

Stopping a vehicle with this speed and weight is crucial and the G80 3.5T AWD is up to the task. The front brakes have 14.2" rotors and 4-piston calipers, the rears are 13.6" rotors and single piston calipers.

All of the performance stuff is great but in reality few will ever use it. But if you're like me, why settle for good when you can go with great? Even without racing up and down the highway I enjoyed the smoothness of the 3.5T, the seamless acceleration. I read some complaints the engine is "too quiet". I like the rumble of a V8, or the growl of a V6 as much as the next person but when I'm driving a luxury car I don't need to announce myself. 

In my opinion a modern luxury car shouldn't isolate the driver from the road but neither should the road intrude into the interior. It's a fine line between the two and the G80 is right on the line. I found the G80's handling responsive, and the ride was still comfortable. I did drive the G80 on a somewhat twisty road and it felt just fine, not mushy but also not harsh. 

Genesis (and its cousins Hyundai and Kia) have pushed the envelope with technology. In some aspects the G80 was almost autonomous. It will steer itself (as long as it can 'see' the lane markings), brake itself if there is something in front of itself, and park itself. I admit that I use the smart cruise control but I'm not a fan of the 'Lane Keeping Assist'. Not that it doesn't work, because it does, but that its style isn't mine. I tend to drive to the left of a lane - still in my lane but not centered. The Lane Keeping Assist wants to keep the G80 dead center of the lane so I find myself fighting it all the time. Better for me to just turn it off.

The list of tech safety stuff is long and most of it is unobtrusive unless needed. That's the way it should be. Part of the Prestige Package is Rear Wheel Steering, something I never noticed when driving. 

As befits a luxury 4-door sedan there is ample room in the trunk for your luggage or golf clubs - 13.1 cubic feet of space.

ere there any negatives? Of course there were but they were minor. I didn't like the way the main screen reverted to a picture of the sky when you restart the car. I'd prefer it to stay on what I had on. 

The screen defaults to a pastoral scene of fluffy clouds and blue sky.

White seats?

Then there are the seats. Really comfortable but I just can't abide white seats. I guess if you can afford a car like the G80 you can afford to have someone detail the car once a month.

The base G80 AWD 3.5T lists for $63,700. Add in the Cavendish Red paint ($575, and the Prestige Package with Summer Tires (245/40R20 front, 275/35R20 rear) adds $6,800, bringing the total up to $72,170 with freight.


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