Monterey Pre-Reunion @ WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca (Plus)

Every year for the past twenty years or so (except last year) I have spend almost a full week, Car Week, in Monterey, California. This year I've changed my schedule to down and back on a few different days. I am being selective about what I take in mostly because the last time I did a whole week I just about wore myself out. This year I decided my first outing would be the Monterey Pre-Reunion at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

The Pre-Reunion is, as the name implies, before the Rolex Monterey Mostorsports Reunion. Some see it as a lesser event, and there are fewer entrants (but more than 300), but the action is just as exciting and fulfilling. 

On the way to the track I passed a local Cars & Coffee at Chili's in Seaside, CA. So I made a quick u-turn and had a look. Here's some pics I took.

There were two early Celicas, this is one. I don't know what the engine is but it sounded darn healthy when the owner fired it up.

Nice looking 120 Series Volvo. 

This Alfa Romeo Montreal didn't seem to be part of the show as it was off to the side. It looked like it had its original paint. 

Cute 2-door Ford (Vicky?) and a late '40s Ford with a hot rodded flattie.

'36 Ford Coupe with a bit of a tail-dragger stance.

There's always gotta be a Bug.

A trio of Porsches. The 356 looked all original.

Morris Woody.

And then it was out to the track. 

I just thought this looked neat. It's a Sportsman Flyer ( 

A.J. Foyt's '65 Indy car.

'35 Ford tastefully modified. 

'65 Mustang GT Coupe

Sometimes old race cars were pretty basic. This is the front suspension of the Cooper-Porsche, aka Pooper.

The engine has been turned 180 degrees and the rear suspension is as basic as the front.

Ferrari 250 GT

Mercedes CLK-GTR. Historic is relative isn't it?

1962 Cooper Monaco w/3.0-liter Ferrari V8.

1940 Ford pickup with a supercharged Cadillac V8.

Dekon Monza

Nice, clean, modified T-Bird. You can't see it in the pic but it has 'lake pipes.'

Another Dekon Monza. 

The number 19 University of Pittsburgh Camaro was one of most recognized and well known non-factory cars to compete during the heyday of the Trans-Am era. That's my kind of university!

Daimler SP250 with 2.5-liter, Hemi V8.

I didn't see any identification of this car. Interesting supercharged flathead 4-cylinder.

Maserati Ghilbi

Sorrell-Larkin SR-200, a recreation.

Ford Escort w/Twin Cam Lotus engine.

1962 Santee Roadster with 215 cid Buick aluminum V8.

Ford Anglia w/modified Kent engine.

Siata 208S w/2.0-liter Fiat 8V.

I had a '65 Coupe and this is what I was aiming for but never finished.

'34 Ford Coupe, chopped w/Flattie

1930 Bucciali TAV La Marie Torpedo Type Cannes, 4-wheel independent suspension, and FWD.

Bizzarrini 5300 GT. 5.3-liter (327 c.i.d.) Chevrolet V8

My videos are not very good but here's one just to give you an idea of what it's likel

All in all it was a very good day. As usual although the coast is often cool just a few miles inland it warms up and the sun is intense. I highly recommend attending next years Pre-Reunion. It's fun and it's less expensive than the Motorsports Reunion. 

One funny little side note: Around 11:15 a.m. I was hungry so I lined up at one of the food vendors that looked interesting. I wasn't alone, I guess a few others got up early. A lady taking orders said, "This line is for meat only. Anything else is the other line." Now I was going to get a hot link, which to my mind is meat. But when I ordered she said "This line is only for meat. You need the other line." Maybe the hot link was a soy dog?


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