Time for a little bench racin', or my latest imaginary project

Usually bench racing takes place in the off-season. Guys, and some gals, get together and throw around a bunch of 'what ifs'. Well COVID-19 has made every day off-season and I haven't had a car to test recently (my choice). I have a fairly fertile mind for what ifs so here's my latest brain build.

Yup I've developed a thing for a Dodge D series crew cab. Not a 4X4, they're not for me. And only the last few years of this body style - 1968-1970. I'd prefer a stepside short-bed if I could find one.

Being as I'm building this, or having someone build it, in my mind, I can make it better. I want power and fuel economy (that's relative). So my Dodge is going to have a modern powertrain.

Some folks would go for a new Hemi but not me. Nope I want the 3.0-liter, V6 EcoDiesel.

Coupled to the engine has to be the 8-speed automatic. The automatic is a big part of the economy side. Add in a custom built 20-25 gallon fuel tank and a DEF tank and I think I could drive all day without a fuel stop.

The EcoDiesel V6 puts out 240 hp, and 420 lb-ft of torque, more than enough for any use I'd put it through. In a modern Ram it gets darn good fuel economy. I imagine in the brick that is an older D series it would be less but still decent.

I'd want big disc brakes up front but drums are okay in the rear. Power steering is a must as is A/C.

Inside I think I'd stay with the bench seats but that would depend on how comfortable they are on the long haul. I'd consider recovering them in a heavy duty, porous vinyl. Cruise control would be nice. A great sound system with SiriusXM is a must. 

This wouldn't be a show truck although I'd like a nice paint job. I want a truck to use, to haul stuff in, but one the guys and I could go on road trips with. 

All I need is money. I figure $100,000 should do it.


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