Monterey Historics 1993

I can't swear that all of these pictures are from 1993 but to the best of my recollection they are. 

Many of these cars still show up. It's like see old friends. 

Speaking of old friends in the picture of the yellow Ford GT40 are two, Mark Polomik & Rick Dupuy. 

Some great people that are now gone are here in photographs and memories. These were great times.


Hemi in a Cunningham

Phil Hill was not only a great driver but a tech as well. He was a fixture at the Historics.

The cam cover says "H E Dodge"

1927 Miller

Phil Hill

1959 Lister Chevrolet Knobbly 

This very car ran in the East Africa Safari Rally

John Kirby-Miller bought the car and owned it until his death. He used the Comet as a daily drive for years and he raced it. Later he raced it in vintage events. I was so chuffed when I first saw it.

Zora Arkus-Duntov

Mark Polomik (left), Rick Dupuy (right)

Juan Manuel Fangio (center) and Jose Frolian Gonzalez

Dan Gurney (in red jacket)

Phil Hill

Phil HIil

1923 Voisin C6 Laboratorie


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