I'm still going throug old pictures. These are from various places in 1984.

Car Show at the Canadian National Exposition (CNE)

Briggs Cunningham Museum, Costa Mesa, CA
(no longer there)

Bugatti Royale

Tony Hogg's 427 Cobra

Bugatti Royale's engine

Bill Thomas' Cheetah chassis

Bugatti Royale

Delage engine

Cunningham with Chrysler hemi

Michigan International Raceway July 17, 1984 CART Practice
Turbo Buick V6

Cadillac V8

Penske always  had a class set up.

Gordon Johncock (finished 4th)

Jacques Villeneuve (failed to qualify)

Mario Andretti (he won the race)

Danny Ongais (24th)

Al Unser Jr. (26th)

Tom Sneva (2nd)

Kevin Cogan (8th)

PPG Pace Car

PPG Pace Car

PPG Pace Car

Money shot - This was a Chevy Nova (Toyota Corolla). It was badged "Super Nova". I got the hood open, took the pic, and sold it to AutoWeek.

Tony Leopardo from a spread in the SF Chronicle

For some reason Toyota Canada thought it would be a good idea to take their 4WD vehicles and a bunch of auto writers to an off-road course.


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