California Mille Car Show 1991

According to Wikipedia 1991 was the initial year for the California Mille founded by Martin Swig. I was new to California having moved here in December 1990. The show was at the Palace of Fine Arts. Who knew that a decade later I would get to know Martin Swig, belonging to the same writers group, Western Automotive Journalists.

Here's some pictures from that first car show. Unfortunately I didn't label all the pics.

In case you can't read upside down that says "Hispano Suiza".



This car intrigued me.
 This is a Monteverdi Hai 450 from Switzerland. It is 40.2" high, 171" long, 70.4" wide, and weighs 3,871 lbs. 

And this is the Hai's powerplant - Chrysler's 426 Hemi! It sits behind the front seats and drives through a ZF 5-speed transaxle.

Kaiser-Darrien - Not part of the show but on the street outside of the show.


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