2020 Grand National Roadster Show

Another one for the books. It was a very good weekend. Saturday was sunny and warm; Sunday overcast and cool. So many cars! We never see them all but I'd say we saw at least 80%. 

Here's the ones that caught my eye -

We weren't sure at first what this was. We knew it was a GM product. It's a Chevy.

F-100 front

Ranchero rear

Tommy Ivo holding court. He was there doing some bench racin' for a few hours.

You can't really tell from the pic but this flattie is cross-wise in the chassis with a chain drive to the rear end.

Chrysler's 225 slant six

This was my choice for America's Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR). It wasn't the judges choice.

One of the contenders for AMBR.

Another AMBR contender

And the winner!

Wild Gremlin

There was much pondering.

'57 Ford with supercharged 312 with two fours.

This little beauty had a small hemi.

I believe it says "Fenton" on these unique cast small block Chevy exhaust manifolds.

A Volvo "staff car" with a Cummins diesel.

Replica, with alterations, of an all aluminum XKE light weight.

Something from Down Under

And it's powered by a 2.5-liter, Daimler Hemi V8.

This year's winner of America's Most Beautiful Roadster is Monty Belsham's flamed '32 Ford Roadster.

Pic from Autoweek.

Without taking anything away from the winner or any of the contenders - they were all flawless and showed extraordinary workmanship - not one of the contenders stopped us dead in our tracks. None had that "Wow" factor. 

Regardless it was another great show. So many cars. The crowd Saturday was huge at least partly because of the weather. Sunday, being cool and overcast, the attendance was not as heavy.

See you all next year!


Unknown said…
I’m not a car enthusiast, however I do appreciate the time involved in all the great photos.
Some amazing looking Rods!

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