Pacific Coast Dream Machines 2019!

It was a cool, cloudy day at Half Moon Bay Airport for the 29th Annual Pacific Coast Dream Machines ( Coming from Tracy, CA, where it has been between 85-95 degrees for a week, it was perfect weather for a car show.

And what a show! Great cars for just about everyone regardless of what auto maker they favor. I was taken by so many. Yes I'm a Ford guy but I saw so many different makes that I would have liked to drive home in. 

A huge thank you to the all the sponsors and all of you who ponied up your hard earned money to see this wonderful event. I get passes to many events but I have never asked for one to Dream Machines because the Pacific Coast Dream Machines is the largest fundraiser of the year for the Coastside Adult Day Health Center.

Long live the Pacific Coast Dream Machines!

(Enjoy the pictures and let me know what is your favorite.)
'67 Shelby GT500

There were a few modified inliners!

'55 Nomad
'67 Hodaka Ace 90

A sweet '57 Ford

Be still my beatin' heart! A '61 Starliner with a 390 TriPower and 4-speed!

That's a T-Bird Turbo 2.3L under the hood of the Pinto.

You don't see too many custom Hudson's let alone one that's chopped.

1940 Graham Hollywood

Early '50s Olds Rocket V8 with TriPower

'82 Avanti II (Chev powered)

This reminded me of John Ferrell's '58, with a 348 

'56 Ford. I had one like this except black with a white roof. It was supposed to get a solid lifter 390 in it but that didn't happen. So it ended up with a tired 332.

'96 SVT Mustang Mystic


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