2018 Monterey Auction Results - Wow!

The auction results are in and yes it was a very good year. There is a difference between what the auctions report and what Hagerty reported. Hagerty's figures were reported on Sunday, August 26th and may not reflect the final results. Either way there was a ton of money changing hands on the Monterey Peninsula during Car Week.

The totals as they stand now are in the area of $372,700,000! Hagerty reported a total of $327,600,000.

RM Sotherby's had the highest dollar amount with $158,000,000 reported. Gooding reported $116,000,000, Mecum $47,000,000, Bonhams $37,700,000, Russo and Steele $8,500,000, and Worldwide $5,500,000.

Just for the record I didn't buy anything. I was close but someone outbid me on a '62 Ferrari 250 GTO. I went as high as I could but $25 just wasn't good enough.


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