Monterey Auctions 2017

The results are in - sort of. All the auctions except Mecum have reported their total figures. Other sources have reported a total auction sales so we can take a stab at Mecum's final total.

The total sales figures for each auction are:
Bonhams: Quail Lodge Auction - $56,430,000
The Peeble Beach Auction: Gooding & Co. - $91,500,000
Mecum Auctions - ?
RM Sotherby's - $132,993,810
Russo and Steele - $8,600,000
Worldwide Auctioneers - $7,387,950 reports total sales of $317,000,000. This would mean Mecum sold about $20,000,000.

The reported total (as of now) is down a little from the $347-million of last year but who is going to quibble over a few million? All in all it was a good year.


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