Get your McCall's Motorworks Revival Holiday Tickets NOW!

3 Days 'til Christmas!
Wishing you all a Merry and Bright 

Get your McCalls Motorworks Revival Holiday Tickets NOW! 
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** Offer good until midnight on December 31, 2016
Give the ULTIMATE car enthusiast gift...
Kick off the Monterey Car Week 2017
at Gordon McCall's Motoworks Revival
at the Monterey Jet Center

Click on the link for more information and tickets.

If you can afford the price it is a real experience. I've been a couple of times and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Saw some wonderful vehicles, met some great people, ate some fantastic food and drank first-class wine and liquor. I would suggest that if you go either have a designated driver or take a cab/Uber/Lyft.

Ordinarily I wouldn't post an ad but after I mentioned Mr. McCall in another piece he reached out to me. I take that as the mark of a gentleman. I will get nothing and I ask nothing for posting this. McCalls Motorworks Revival is truly a fun event.


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