Short Drive - Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

I had the pleasure of driving an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider today. Che una macchina!

I probably drove only 10 or 15 miles so don't take this to the bank but the 4C Spider sure is a fun car. The 4C is sort of a combination modern technology and old school sports car. Alfa says it eschews much of modern computer technology. This doesn't mean that there is no computer controls. It means a lot of the frills are not there and something like power steering has been banished. Yes with the 205/45ZR17 inch front tires you need to lean into the steering a tad at rest. But you really won't miss the power assist once over about 5 mph.

I love a car with great brakes and the 4C doesn't disappoint with 12" front discs and 4-piston Brembo calipers you can slow almost as fast as you can accelerate.

And talk about acceleration. 0-60 comes in just 4.1 seconds yet the turbo 4-cylinder "only" makes 237 hp. A concession to modernity is the 6-speed Twin Clutch Transmission - no clutch pedal or gear shift to play with. Don't fret though because for once I liked the paddle shifters. The only problem I found was that the engine revs so quickly, especially in first gear, that I kept bumping up against the rev limiter. Familiarity would cure that I'm sure.

The exhuast note is rather raucous; I have no idea how this got bast the Feds and I don't care. If it gets too loud for me I'll just turn off my hearing aids.

The Spider weighs an incredibly light 2,487 lbs. thanks in part to the carbon fiber monocoque. If you care it is rated at 24/34/28 mpg (city/highway/combined).

Now here's the amazing part. Take some time to look at the pictures and then take a guess at the price.

Okay I bet you were way off. The starting price is a mere $63,900. You can check it out at


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