One Door Closes, Another One Opens (hopefully)

Well the Falcon is gone. Yes I sold it. I was sad to see it go off but I made a choice. We have decided to move back to the Bay Area and the Falcon wasn't in that picture. There is no way I could have had it ready to drive the almost 600 miles back without dumping a ton of money into it all at once. And that was never my plan. So I sold it.

The upside is that for the first time in a long, long time I actually made money when selling a car. I don't know what it is with me but it seems that if I buy a car for $1,000, put another $1,000 into it I then end up selling it for $500. But not this time. I didn't make a ton of money but I had a little less than $2,000 into the Falcon and sold it for $3,000. I'm satisfied.

Once we get settled in the Bay Area and I have a place to work on a car I'll buy something else. I have a few ideas floating around in my brain.

I still haven't decided if I should keep my '87 Toyota pickup. It's got like 250,000 miles on it but it still runs well. I had trouble getting it to pass smog here this year and don't know if it will pass back in CA. There's also the problem of getting it there. It will make the trip, I'm sure of that, but that means two driving trips back; one in the Toyota and one in our 2002 Focus. Nadine will not drive that distance. So I'd have to drive to the Bay Area, fly back and drive there again. I haven't decided yet.

Some of my friends are wondering why we are moving back, the Bay Area being so expensive and all. Some think it's because of the heat. It isn't. It really is that we are just not happy here. Once you've lived in Eden it's hard to find happiness in Gomorrah. To be serious health care is the single biggest reason. The health care here in Las Vegas sucks. There aren't enough doctors and not one adheres to my insurer's fee schedule so no matter why I see a doctor there is always a fee over and above my co-pay and what the insurer pays. And I don't know what that amount will be for months after the visit. Add in that it takes forever to get an appointment (two years ago I came back from Monterey with an ear infection, the soonest I could see my doctor was a month out!).

So we're moving "home". We'll be close to family and friends. The weather is better. And the health care actually exists.

But I won't have my '65 Falcon Futura.


Unknown said…
So when you coming back and where you gonna land?

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