No Monterey This Year?

I've gone to the Monterey Car Week every year for what seems like forever. This year I may not make it. I've just got too much going on right now.

We are planning on moving back to the San Francisco Bay Area soon, hopefully before October. Right now still trying to get my '65 Falcon out of the garage (a subject for another post). There are other more personal issues in my life right now that are eating up time too.

I work part-time for O'Reilly Auto Parts and I really don't want to take too much time off. Add in that I seem to get away by myself every year to Monterey while Nadine gets stuck home alone you can see why maybe I should skip Monterey.

Of course not having the Pacifica Tribune as an outlet anymore leaves a question mark about just who I'd be covering the event for as well. I am working on some other outlets but that's on the back burner until we're settled wherever we may end up.


Will Askee said…
Things will work out.

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