Falcon Update

It's been some time since I last checked in with you on my Falcon. Things are progressing but at a slower rate than I hoped (go figure). If you've ever worked on a project car you know the schedule in your mind never meets reality.

The engine and transmission are in. It has fired but not run yet. There's always something. The headers - Tri-Ys that I bought about five years ago from some guy in La Honda, CA, just didn't fit right. They were touching the spring towers on both sides. I thought I could finesse it to fit but that didn't work out. So for now I've put on the stock cast iron manifolds. I have heard that the stock headers from a Mustang 5.0 will fit but I haven't talked to anyone that's done it yet.

I'm using a GM HEI style distributor that I bought about ten years ago. It is a knock-off of a name brand but it works. I don't know who made it but it's got the standard Chevy shaft with an add on gear to adapt it to a 260-302 Ford.

The engine did not come with any pulleys and I couldn't find any in any junk yard. So I bought a crank pulley. What I find amazing is that chrome pulleys are much cheaper than black ones. Anyway I went to bolt on the pulley and it wouldn't fit. There is a small lip on the backside of the pulley that is supposed to slide into the harmonic balancer and they are both exactly the same size. I wasn't sure where the problem was - pulley or balancer - so I tried the pulley on a brand new balancer and it fits perfectly. I am totally lost as to what my balancer is supposed to fit. Maybe once I get it off (tomorrow) I can find a number on it. Then I have to buy a water pump pulley.

Today was not a great day working on the car. I was all fumble fingers. It seemed like every bolt, nut and washer, not to mention wrench, ended up on the floor. So I didn't get much done.

Next on my list is a battery (I've been taking the battery out of my old Toyota truck) and a radiator. The Falcon will run soon. I promise.


Will Askee said…
I'm an a cruise headed to Cartagena, Colombia next. Then, Panama Canal and on to Costa Rica. Love to read about autos, even at sea!

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