SEMA 2013

Here's the pictures so far. I'll update and add my thoughts later.
 Kellimark GT with 6-cylinder Porsche. This may be the only Kellimark ever finished!
 Old school custom, Kosmic Outcast, looking so cool.

 Just looked right to me.
 Is this The Who's Magic Bus?
 At first glance I was, "why are there equal size tires at both ends?" It's an AWD rod!
 This Tacoma is ready for anything and everything.
Hey Toyota, can I get one of these in a Camry? I mean them folks at NASCAR seem to drive 'em!
Another "huh"? It looks kind of right then it doesn't. It's a modern 'Vette with a mid-60's type body.

 What's a photo array without a ready to go Ford engine?
 Or a bunch of Shelby's.
 Really sano Chevy Cameo
 I thought this was a nice display.
Sorry for the blurring - injected 426 Max-Wedge
International Scout II - These are gaining in collectibility.
 I didn't realize that International made a slant 4-cyl; half a V8.
 Another mid-sixties Vette on a modern chassis.
 I just have a thing for DOHC fours - this is a Nissan looking old school.
 Not a great pic but this Buick was beautiful. Still had a nailhead but otherwise upgraded.
I also have a thing for Cafe Racers - this is a Ducati.
 There is nothing like a track roadster - NOTHING.
 I'm not sure if this is a Buick show car or a custom but it is unique.
 Nothing says '60s drag racer like a '55 Chevy.
 Just a nice coupe.
 Perhaps the longest Studebaker I've ever seen.
 Cosworth. I wonder if you can buy a DFV?
 '65 or '66 Stang stuffed full of 5.4 DOHC.
 Henry J, maybe a little too low but still looking good.
 A real old school roadster - flathead power, wire wheels. 
 Here's one to stump you all. This is a recreation of a Lencki inline 6 that raced at Indy. Beautiful and for sale from Coker Tires. 
 How about a wide-body, carbon fiber '65/66 Stang?
Do you like wood? 

 I can't get enough of Track Roadsters.
 Flathead powered streamliner.
 Other than a promotion for Hot Wheels I'm not sure what this is supposed to be but it's cool.
 Ford showed off some modified Transit Connect vans.
 Some guys checking out a Ford Coupe with flathead power.
 Hey they misspelled my name!
 The Hotchkis booth.
 I primarily took this so I'd remember the company. They make in-tank fuel pumps for older cars.
 Nice first gen Bronco.
Yes that is Neil Young in the center. Talking about Linc Volt.

And this is Linc Volt.
I think this guy's been hawking parts for too long. 
 This was billed as the first VW to break the 12-second barrier in the 1/4 mile.
 There was a time when no self-respecting guy would be caught dead in a Rambler. Now they're cool.
 Hyundai's Zombie themed exhibit.

 Old VW's never die, they just get faster.
And of course another Mustang.


Will Askee said…
Love that 'woodie'-Studebaker?
Will Askee said…
That looks like a great show. Really multi-faceted autos with unbelievable features

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