2013 Ford Ranger - The Truck They Don't Want You To Want

I'm not the only person who pines for a small(er) pickup. According to March 4, 2013, Automotive News (AN) "Some Ford dealers miss small pickup".

What amazes me is that according to the article it isn't urban Ford dealers but dealers in what AN calls "truck country."

Small trucks just make sense to me. Not everyone needs or wants a full-size pickup that's hard to park and that drives around almost empty most of the time. Now AN has vindicated me.

Ford killed their small pickup, the Ranger, figuring no one would want one and if they did it would be too expensive. This is the Ranger much of the rest of the world can buy -

Not bad huh? The pictures are from Ford of Thailand. Converting the lowest Thai price if you lived in Thailand the base Ranger would set you back about $22,750. Not bad.


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