Alan Mulally

I have the greatest respect for Alan Mulally. He, along with the help of so many others, turned Ford Motor Company around without taking a dime from the government. Ford has brought out some exciting new vehicles under his watch. But it hasn't all been smooth sailing.

Ford has endured far too many recalls on new vehicles. Years ago Ford had a slogan of "Quality is Job 1". It really wasn't back then but it sounded good. Even Mr. Mulally admits they have some work to do on quality right now.

In my opinion it should have been part and parcel of every new model. No hitches, no recalls - every model rolled out in good shape.

Now with the problems with the Boeing 787, developed under Mr. Mulally's watch at Boeing, I'm beginning to wonder if this is a pattern for him - develop a product and get it to market before it's thoroughly tested and vetted.

Automotive success walks a thin edge; get it right and you make a ton of money but one slip up can bankrupt you. Ford has been lucky so far but if they don't start getting it right the first time they may lose the momentum they have and slip and fall.


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