Your mileage may vary

Looks like Hyundai and Kia are going to whacked by the Feds for "misreporting" fuel economy. In their rush to show that they have more models that are capable of at least 40 mpg it seems they may have erred in their calculations. Huh?

I'm sure H-K is red-faced. And the finger pointing within is going full speed ahead. Some anonymous grunt will take the blame. But in the end it doesn't make that much real world difference. According to sources the figures were off by 1-2 mpg. I figure the execs wanted as many 40 mpg models as possible. Those lower down the food chain, eager to please, rounded up numbers or reported some real world possible numbers that cannot be equaled in the Fed's tests. Who knows?

Hyundai-Kia is offering gas vouchers worth the difference - in most cases not that much money, less than $100 - to any owner of an affected vehicle. The Feds will fine H-K, kind of like a wrist slap, and in the end everyone will go back to believing the fuel economy figures put out by the Feds. Just remember, "your mileage may vary."


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