Direct Connect Auto Transport

Get the right price to move vehicles in any condition from Direct Connect Auto Transport. With over 20 years experience, our quotes will get your vehicle delivered on time.

Right there in the first line, that says it all - any condition. Check out the web site, they mean it; running or not. I have an acquaintance who buys and sells cars and the firm he uses to ship them requires that they be running; that they can be driven on and off the trailer.

Direct Connect Auto Transport can also find you a transporter for your baby when others might not be able to (like during peak periods such as the Monterey Car Week). Why and how? Direct Connect Auto is not only a licensed carrier by DOT and FMCSA but also fully bonded broker since 2001 and they can reach out to many of there in-network carriers with the room to move your vehicle to the places you need it to be. 

So when you have to move a vehicle check out Direct Connect Auto Transport.


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