Barrett-Jackson, Day Two

For the first time in a long time I'm having problems with photos. The best camera I have is a film camera and I haven't used it for a few years. We have two digital cameras that are fair. I used the most recent digital for the Beach and first day's pics; they came out okay. Yesterday I carried around all three cameras, trying to relearn how to use the 35 mm film camera. No surprise that the 35 mm took the best pictures outside or in bright light (I'm using a 200 speed Fuji film). I tried to push it for indoors and it didn't work. I will buy a better digital camera but I'm also going to stick with the 35 mm because I used to be pretty good with it.

I stopped in the media center yesterday and got some stats. Friday's attendance was 19,000. Subtract bidders, sellers, VIPs, etc and there were probably around 16-17,000 paid attendees. I know there have never been that many at any of the auctions in Monterey. The estimates are that Barrett-Jackson (I will not use the initials) will bring about $40 million into the Las Vegas economy. That may not be up there with some of the bigger events (SEMA, NASCAR) but on a per attendee basis it's at least equal to those others. The folks that buy and sell at Barrett-Jackson are usually high rollers - they stay at the better hotels, eat at the best restaurants, and they do not play the nickle machines. I heard of one bidder who spent half the night at the craps table betting a $1,000 per play.

No pictures this time because I am on assignment and I have to sort through the pictures for the assignment. Once I know what they will use I can post what's left.

Barrett-Jackson holds auctions in Palm Beach, Orange County, Las Vegas, and their home town of Scottsdale (which I've heard is a monster). If you want to attend a "lifestyle" event, a great car show, and watch and auction (or if you can afford it, bid) then you owe it to yourself to attend a Barrett-Jackson Auction at least once.


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