Garage Style

A friend of mine, Cynthia Meitle, represents this magazine, "Garage Style." Now at first I was thinking, "garage what?", mostly because you can't equate my garage with style of any kind. Then I kept looking at a few of the covers of the mag and thought, "wow, those guys must be rich." Of course they are but should that stop anyone from drooling over each Garage Mahal. I mean we read all about cars we can't afford, or we thumb through Playboy (and no, not for the articles).

When I was a kid I used to dream about having a fully equipped garage, especially every time I yanked an engine using a tripod made from freshly cut trees beside my mom's garage. Over time I gathered most of the tools I needed - an engine hoist, two or three floor jacks, jack stands, work bench, vise, grinder, air compressor, and just about all the hand tools I needed. The fact that my garage, like so many others, was a freakin' mess didn't negate the fact that I had everything I needed to change an engine or transmission.

So even though I will probably never have a garage like the one on the cover of the Summer 2011 issue of Garage Style, there is so much inside the magazine to grab my (and your) attention. Your Garage Mahal may be the side yard but it is just as important to you as that five bay wonder above.

An added bonus of the Summer 2011 issue is the Monterey 2011 Guide. (See it isn't all about what posters to hang on in your garage.) Neat magazine, check out a little more at then subscribe. With Garage Style you won't have to lie to your wife that you that you really bought it for the articles.


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