13 Years - Not a Bad Run

One thing about moving, it makes you go through everything you've saved. When we left Pacifica I packed away all my clippings; last week I went through them, trimming off unneeded pages. My first column for the Pacifica Tribune was in 1997.

My first few columns were not car reviews; it took time to get into the rotation of receiving press cars. My very first column was by design controversial. I lambasted Harleys and Harley riders. I never really had any animosity towards Harley but it seemed to me, and still does, that many Harley riders are nothing but posers.

Over the past thirteen years I figure I've written about 150 columns (I've missed a couple here and there). Given that in the later years many of my columns reviewed two or three cars, I'd say I've reviewed probably 250 vehicles.

I've driven far more than that. In the best year I think I drove just under 50 vehicles; in my worst probably around 40. So let's say I've averaged around 45 vehicles per year, not counting all the cars I drove at all of the Western Automotive Journalists Media Days, that works out to close to 600 vehicles.

I few of my reviews have appeared in other newspapers. For a while, reviews I wrote for my friend Tony Leopardo's site, Autowire.net, appeared in the San Mateo Daily Journal. I had one piece in the SF Chronicle thanks to RJ.

What many who are only familiar with my writings on the West Coast don't know is that I wrote for a few outlets in Toronto before I went to work for American Motors Canada Inc in 1987. My primary outlet was with the Canadian Automobile Association when I worked for them. I edited and wrote a Canadian annual, Light Truck Guide, for two years.

It's been a good run. I don't know if it's over; if it is c'est la vie. No regrets, no tears goodbye (Tom Rush). Life goes on. Writing about cars has always been a passion, not a job. I've never really made any money from it, never cared.

There's a new fellow, Hugh Fehrenback, who wants to write reviews for the Tribune. I wish him all the best and I hope he has as much fun as I did.

I'll be writing here when the feeling hits me. You know me, always with an opinion.


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