Henderson Leaves GM, Is Lutz next to go?

In a story today the Associated Press reports that General Motors Fritz Henderson has resigned, allegedly because the company has been too slow to change. I wonder if Bob Lutz will be the next to go?

General Motors, once the largest car company in the world, has seen its market share dwindle and it was forced into reorganization.

Even though GM makes some darn fine cars and trucks, they do not seem able to light a fire under their sales. In my opinion much of their current advertising is idiotic. Howie Long's pitches do as much to sell competing brands like Honda and Toyota as Chevrolet. In one memorable TV ad, Long gives kudos to Honda lawnmowers.

On a recent drive I saw a billboard that extolled the Buick LaCrosse's 40-gig navigation systems, comparing it to a smaller system used by Lexus. Does Buick really think people with buy a LaCrosse because it has a bigger hard drive?

GM needs to focus on product, not hype. People have lost confidence in GM and it will take time to regain that confidence. If GM wants to advertise something, make their warranty the best in the business and advertise the heck out of it.


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