The Most Beautiful Sports Racer Ever?

Is this 1959 Jaguar D-Type the most beautiful sports racer ever built? If it isn't, it is right up there.

Race cars used to be beautiful, form seems to have been almost as important as function. Now days there may be beauty in a race car but it is usually only in bits and pieces. The form is dictated by the wind tunnel, not the eye.

This particular D-Type, chassis XKD528, will be offered by the Gooding & Company at Scottsdale, AZ, on January 23, 2010. It began its racing career in 1956 with driver Pearce “Pete” Woods at popular racing events throughout California. A podium finisher at Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, Palm Springs, Riverside, Paramount Ranch and Pomona, XKD528 retired to street car status in 1964. Since then, it has been featured in countless magazine articles and proudly rallied in the Colorado Grand, Terry Larsen’s C & D-Type Rally, and Copperstate 1000. Following a recent comprehensive restoration, the Sports Racer will be offered for sale in its original appearance of cream over blue.


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