Bruce gets dirty

The transmission in my '87 Toyota truck has been noisy since I got the truck but it's been getting noisier. About a month ago I bought a used 5-speed manual (the truck is a 4-speed manual) and last weekend I got around to changing it. I'd roughly measured the two transmissions and they were the same length.

It took me roughly twice as long as the flat rate time to get it done but it's in. The length was the same, the input and output splines are the same but there was one little hitch. The shifter of the 5-speed sits about 3" forward of where the 4-speed's was, meaning I've had to notch out the shifter hole.

All in all I'm happy with the job but I'd forgotten how hard this is - I know I'm getting older but damn, that was hard work.

Regardless, it felt good to get my hands dirty, take on a job and actually get it finished.


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