GM again

Boy do my rants about GM and Bob Lutz rile some people. They think I actually hate GM. Au contraire! There are actually GM products that I think are very good, under rated and somewhat ignored by GM. Do you remember the movie, "The Man Who Wasn't There"? If the Volt was a movie, that would be its title. While Bob is out there trying to promote the Volt, excellent models lanquish from lack of promotion.

Maybe if GM put as much muscle into promoting the Chevy Malibu LTZ. I drove one last year and felt it was one of the best cars I'd driven in a long time. It had plenty of room, excellent quality, decent performance (especially for a 4-cylinder), and fuel economy to rival some similar sized hybrids, returning an estimated 33 mpg highway.

There is nothing wrong with GM's products, just a management that keeps changing model names, or using really dumb names (Pontiacs G models). GM does not need a 77 year old guy directing its advertising, they need someone who really understands today's culture.


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