2009 Toyota Yaris 5-Door

I like the Yaris; it is a peppy, fuel-efficient car. I am a little confused though because the 5-Door is not available with a manual transmission. Do not get me wrong, the 4-speed automatic transmission is very good but I like to shift for myself and

'09 Toyota Yaris
besides, the 5-speed manual gets slightly better economy (they are equal in the city at 29-mpg, and highway at 36-mpg for the manual is one better than the automatic).

If you have little ones, especially ones still needing a car seat, the 5-Door is the way to go. There is a premium to pay for the two extra doors, $2,130 extra to be exact; this brings the base price for the 5-Door to $15,885, still darn inexpensive.


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