SF Bay Area Car Events

Hey, do you want to know what's happening in the car crazy SF Bay Area? Check out www.LetsTalkEvents.com for a list of car shows big and small. The site is run by some folks who produce car shows. Here's what they have to say about their company:

Car and Motorcycle Shows-Social-Indoors-Outdoors-Profit and Non Profit Groups
+Civic organization +Corporate Business Unit +Circle of Friends

Need people who can make things happen? People who can come up with an idea that ignites the group's enthusiasm? People that take a concept and put it into action? People with the caring, contacts, know-how and drive to get things accomplished?

Whether we are coordinating the entire event or providing particular services (e.g., staging, sound) we keep the bigger picture in sight because we get involved from the initial brainstorming and stay involved through the post-event critiquing. We take pride in originality and come up with new themes and ideas for annual events, plus we have the connections necessary to get the right people for whatever is needed.
We have produced shows, dances, meetings, festivals. We have the organizational interpersonal and visionary abilities to turn ideas into reality, even with little advanced notice. Last-minute problems are interesting challenges to us.
If you could use help with your event-large or small-from an innovative team who can make things happen, please give us a call and Let's Talk.
They also post a calendar of events - man I had no idea there was so much going on! Check it out, and if you're in need of help with an event, get in touch with these folks.


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