GM CEO Rick Wagoner to resign

It was reported today that Rick Wagoner will resign as CEO of General Motors.  It's about time as far as I'm concerned.  GM needs to put someone in charge who understands the changing world.  How in the world did GM, one of the United State's mightiest corporations get to the edge of bankruptcy?  How could Rick Wagoner, the guy in charge, the guy the buck stops with, not understand that he had to take the blame?

I have a friend who seems to take great delight in the suffering of car companies that have "wronged" him.  I find no satisfaction in the falling sales of any corporation.  What angered me the most about Mr. Wagoner is the suffering he has caused thousands of dedicated General Motors' employees and their families.  GM builds great vehicles; they have just been the wrong vehicles for the times.  You can't tell me that the designers and engineers can't build great, efficient cars.

I hope that whoever takes over the helm at GM sets a course that moves the General into a profitable future.


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