'09 Acura TL

Got an Acura TL SH-AWD delivered this past Wednesday.  A perfect comparison to the VW CC, similar price, and both can be considered "sports sedans."

I like the way the Acura rides and handles but I'm not sure about the styling - just too angular for my tastes.  The 3.7-liter VTECH V6 that's in the SH-AWD is an awesome engine - smooth, quiet (until you get into the upper rpms, then it is sweet), powerful (305 hp), and economical (17/25).

I am patiently waiting for the auto makers to realize that more is not better when it comes to control buttons.  I haven't counted all the buttons but just the ones on the steering wheel are confusing.  It's a good thing that Acura has a voice control option - now if I could only figure out how to use it.

One other little confusing thing about Acura, their letter designations for models.  They are RL, TL, TSX, MDX, and RDX.  I cannot keep them straight and it's supposed to be my job.  Now I know that the MDX and RDX are SUVs, so you might think the TSX is too.  Nope, the TSX is fills the slot that the Integra used to hold (amazing isn't it that the names, gone about a decade, are still easily remembered).  So just what does the X stand for?

I'm going to enjoy the TL regardless of its name.  It's a very good car and I'll be driving it down to Monterey for the weekend; a birthday present (the weekend, not the car) from Nadine.


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