"Musick has Charms to soothe a savage Breast"

Or at least it has the potential to soothe an irate commuter. That is the theory behind Music For Commuting Volumes 7-12 (and Music For Commuting Volumes 1-6 that preceded it) a 3-CD (the CDs are Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday/Thursday, and Friday) box set from Ken Elkinson. Elkinson composed and performs all of the music.

I am not a music critic nor expert. And I do not commute very far any more. For me music is a very personal experience. I listen to music that suits my mood. My mood is not anger very much anymore.

There was a time when I was an angry commuter; there was a time I was angry with the world. I was aggressive and did stupid things. Music did nothing to change my attitude.

Elkinson's music is the type of new-age ambient music that has been played in every spa I've ever been in for a massage. It is relaxing. For me maybe too relaxing. When I've received a massage and ethereal music is played I fall into a dream like world between sleep and awake. This is good when I am getting a massage but not exactly what I want when I am surrounded by deadly weapons travelling at a rapid rate of speed.

Would this music calm an irate driver? Maybe, but I suspect most angry, aggressive drivers would be the last ones to slip one of Elkinson's CDs into the slot. Music For Commuting is for those who want (the operative word is want) to unwind on the drive to or from work. The music allows one to free their mind, to not focus on ones' problems. That can be a good thing as long as you can still drive. You wouldn't get to work all keyed up anticipating what may happen; or conversely you wouldn't get home and start screaming about how stupid so-and-so was at work. I imagine that if you did breathing exercises in sync with Music it would be very calming.

For me, Music For Commuting Volumes 7-12 doesn't work. It's just not me, not in a car. I might put it on at home, maybe as background music while I drink my morning coffee on the patio.

Have a listen and see if it suits you -

Elkinson's music is available for purchase at iTunes and his own web site, http://www.kenelkinson.com/


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