12th Annual Little Car Show, Pacific Grove

Ah The Little Car Show. Dismiss it at your peril. These aren't the high buck (although I'm sure some are pricey) restorations but little cars, fun cars, mostly from bygone eras. Their owners love them as much, or maybe more, that some millionaire collector cares about what's in his (and they are mostly men) warehouse. 

So enjoy the pictures and if you're on the Monterey Peninsula for next year's Car Week go see them. It's free so patronize the merchants on Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove.

I passed this car, a 1935 Lincoln coupe, on I5 and then there it was on a side street. Even stranger is that it and it's owner are from my town, Tracy, CA. Nice to see the old stuff driven.

Fiat Cinquecento 

1959 (?) Turner

NSU Prinz 1000 engine

And the NSU Prinz 1000

Simpson Design Italia Classic - a Miata under the beautiful body

Berkeley - rough but a work in progress

Under the hood sits a 1,000 Honda V4!

Toyota Starlet done up

Morris Minor delivery van

1956 DKW 

MGA barnfind

From the rear it looks like any other MGA but under the hood ...

MGA Twin Cam 

Apex Cricket EV

1940 American Bantam Roadster

MG Magnette

Great time, cool cars, and friendly people. You have to go next year!


Thank you for sharing the Little Car Show with your audience Bruce. We greatly appreciate it!

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