2022 Grand National Roadster Show - It's Back and It was Fantastic!

I thought everyone knew the GNRS was in Pomona, CA but I thought wrong.

And the winner, America's Most Beautiful Roadster is Jeff Breault's 1934 Chevrolet Roadster!

After being shunted aside by COVID the Grand National Roadster Show came back strong in 2022. My friends and I agree that the quality of the cars was better than ever. It was a little cool on Saturday, January 29, 2022, and the crowd was a little light but oh those cars.


2022 is the 90th Anniversary of the Duece, the '32 Ford, and there was a fantastic display of '32s of all types. 

Arias built 6 V6 Hemi engines - this is one. Google it.

1961 Chevrolet "Bubble Top"

1939 Chevrolet Suburban

1954 Cobra, built by brothers Wally & Harry Hansen in 1952-1954

This is for the Ford Y-Block fans.

1940 Lincoln Zephyr

1929 Ford "Neikamp" Roadster, 1950 America's Most Beautiful Roadster

1932 "Ray Brown Roadster"

A unique '32 Hi-Boy with a H-D style V-Twin

It's a Kurtis

A Brubaker Box - look it up.

Dooling Roadster

The Cusey Roadster built in 1961 by Bod Cusey

1957 Ford Rancher restored by Brizio

1933 Ford Coupe

The long lost Jimmy Summers 1936 Ford Coupe

1935 Ford Roadster "Sage"

1929 Dodge DA Roadster "Six Shooter"

1933 Buick Indy Race Car by Hot-Rod Chavik USA

1933 Ford Special Deluxe Roadster "Sapphire 33"

1934 Ford Model 40 Special Speedster, replica of Edsel Ford's car.

1932 Ford Roadster "Mysterio"

Ford Flathead with OHC conversion

1932 Ford 5-window coupe "Litle Eve"

Toyota Starlet with 1.6 Twincam

1929 Ford Preciosa Corazon

1957 Ford "Seaburst"

1955 Plymouth Belvadere

1955 Allied Black Hawk Coupe - The Richards Special


Bill Haskins said…
Where was this Roadster Show located this year? Doesn't mention the location in your post. Las Vegas?

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