Zero260 – The Most Intriguing Collector Cars For Sale on the Internet, Delivered Daily

Like all auto writers I get my share of press releases. Every now and then one may catch my attention. Being a car enthusiast I often browse the collector car sales sites. Now there's a new one for me to browse. You might like to take a look and, if your wallet allows it, maybe even buy something. BDH

We’ve all heard about the recent success of Bring a Trailer. Once a site built around a guy talking about cool cars he saw for sale, it morphed into a full-fledged online auction site, eventually being purchased by a major automotive publishing company for millions of dollars.

Enter (, an enthusiast site with a creative name that boasts “The most intriguing collector cars for sale on the internet, delivered daily.”

A quick look around this car enthusiast website uncovered vehicles from most every marque including lots of German, Italian, British and American examples. Everything from sports cars and exotic cars to vintage trucks could be found along with several surprisingly fun obscurities and prototypes.

The guys at Zero260 are clearly car junkies and it shows in the elaborations they post every day, worth the visit alone. Fans of the site can subscribe to receive a daily email that has no more than 10 such posts with elaborations, always including a link back to the original for sale ad that caught their eye in the first place. Daily emails also include what they refer to as “Fast Finds” which do not have commentary but are simply cars they feel we should check out.

The site is indeed reminiscent of early Bring a Trailer and we like it. Visitors can (and do) comment on the vehicles, and it’s refreshing to see a nice, well-rounded offering for sale that appeals to us Boomers, as well as Millennials and Gen Xers. We equally loved seeing examples of both an 80’s Toyota Celica Supra and a 1952 Nash Healey Pininfarina. We’re car guys. We love them all.

One does not have to sign up for the daily sends to enjoy the offerings, but we recommend it. If you are a collector or dealer who routinely buys cars, or if you are just looking for that next set of wheels to love and care for, Zero260 can and will save you a lot of dirty work weeding through cars for sale on the internet. With all the Covid-19 restrictions that have been in place for the last year, our cars have been a saving grace, as we can always hit the road for a scenic drive, sans mask, and safe in our own private environment on wheels.


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