Well that's a wrap! See you all next year.

 I was scheduled to get one more vehicle to review this year but it got pulled. Oh well stuff happens. Considering that the Tracy Press dropped my column, and that The Auto Channel (https://www.theautochannel.com/) only relatively recently started running my reviews, and how terrible 2020 has been, I've done pretty well. I can't complain.

Sometime in January I'll look over the reviews I wrote this year and let you know which vehicles I liked the most. There will be no losers because, well in my opinion there are no losers anymore. 

Here's a huge shoutout to the two companies that supply us writers with vehicles - DriveShop and Page One Automotive. Given these trying times you folks have done an amazing job. 

Ditto to the car companies. You've stuck with me through the ups and the downs. 

To my brethren in the Western Automotive Journalists, we haven't seen each other in a long time, and I'm not much for Zoom meetings, so stay safe and we'll be together soon.

So until 2021 when things will be much better, Merry Christmas too all of you.


Carreratime said…
Happy Holidays Bruce!
TheGoodLife said…
Happy Holidays, brother Bruce!
Stay healthy and happy and I’ll see you on down the road.
Autoeditor said…
Happy Holidays Bruce and we'll be back together in person in 2021! Brian
Unknown said…
Merry Christmas and a happy new year, Bruce!

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