Just A Simple Little Wish List

As the end of 2019, and the decade, nears my thoughts turn to the year ahead and the cars I might find myself in.

Definitely I'll be behind the wheel of my '95 Lumina. And probably my wife's '02 Focus. We're planning on buying a new car this year so that will be in our driveway.

But what about test vehicles? Usually I end up reviewing what I am given and that is okay. But I have a wish list. Whether I end up with vehicles from my wish list is in others' hands. So just to let them know my wants here's a list (the fact that you brand isn't on my list doesn't mean I don't want to review your cars; it means these vehicles are ones I don't seem to see in my driveway very often).

Acura – ILX, RLX, NSX (I don't really expect to get the NSX but if you don't dream big what's the point?)

Alfa Romeo – Guilio and Stelvio. 

Audi – It has been a long time since I've tested an Audi so any model would be welcome.

BMW – It's been even longer since I've been in a BMW.

Cadillac – Any except an Escalade (no offense to the Escalade).

Genesis – G70, G90, and GV80. (I requested a G70 already but have heard nothing.) 

Infiniti – Q50, Q60, QX50, and QX60. 

Jaguar – Jaguar has so many interesting models but none have graced my driveway in a very long time.

Jeep - Everyone wants to get into a Gladiator. Few have.

Land Rover – I don't think I've had a Land Rover for over a decade. A Discovery or Discovery Sport would be nice.

Mercedes-Benz - How about one of the SUVs? 

Volvo – I haven't been in a Volvo since Ford owned it. That's a long time ago. 


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