A fellow member of the Western Automotive Journalists, Mark Rauch, just sent this to me. It's worth a read.
Bruce Hotchkiss

In 1996, a book titled THE CIGARETTE PAPERS rocked the world. It exposed what many people knew, what many people talked about for years...that tobacco smoking is deadly, and how the tobacco industry manipulated politicians, the media, and the medical community to spread their lies.

My book, THE ETHANOL PAPERS, which we published on today, is meant to also rock the world and counter the continuous lies and disinformation spread by the oil industry. We chose today to release the book to tie-in with President Trump's E15 action. THE ETHANOL PAPERS is a rough-and-tumble, no holds-barred examination of the ethanol vs. gasoline issue. Written in plain jargon, simple enough that even brain-washed scientists, academics, and politicians can understand. But this is no “Biofuels for Dummies,” it’s the most in-depth, complete explanation of the issue and it’s targeted for smart people who really want to know the truth.

It is available to read for FREE on It can be read on any computer, any tablet, and any smart phone. Just click on the grey tab to the right of the book image to start reading.
    • The pages flip just like a hard-copy book. • You can click to go full screen, and zoom in if you need to. • There's a SEARCH feature to search any word, name, phrase you wish to find. • The Table of Contents is interactive. Click on the Chapter title to go there. • To watch the videos, just click the image and it will open a YouTube page with the video. • Clicking the live links will also open a new page to that resource. • To return to the book, just close out the new page tab.
You can find the book on the front page of The Auto Channel website or directly at: .

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It will be available as a hard-copy book soon.


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