2018 Grand National Roadster Show - Wow!

This past weekend two friends and I were at the GNRS. What a show! Fantastic cars and beautiful weather. Who could ask for more?

My trusty '95 Chevy Lumina did duty as limo and it never let us down. It's ugly as all get out but the 3.1-liter V6 averaged around 25 mpg with a high of 27 mpg. Rick, one of my friends, dubbed it the Illuminati; I changed that to the Ill-Luminati.

But enough of that. Below are all my pictures, some with captions but most without. Starting with this year's America's Most Beautiful Roadster, the Martin Special '31 Ford, a traditional style roadster and perfectly done.

That's an all aluminum, 401 cid, fuel injected, SBC under the hood reportedly good for 500 hp.



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