California Smog Inspection

I've written about the California smog inspections before and the Bureau of Automotive Repair. I really can't lay all the blame on the BAR for lax laws but I just wonder who the heck is enforcing the laws that are there.

As some of you may know I started working part-time again at an auto parts store. The number of people who come in with illegally modified cars is substantial. Everyone seems to know where to go to get your illegal car certified. If illegal acts are that prevalent it tells me enforcement is lax.

One kid who I work with drives a car that has not been registered in, according to him, sixteen years. It will not pass the inspection. It does not have current tags on it and it is not insured. And he drives it every day. Obviously the police aren't doing the job so who the hell is?

Smog inspection is a joke in California and no one really seems to give a shit. A sad commentary on the Bureau of Automotive Repair. And to think I used to be known as "The Creeper" and because of me guys at car shows with illegally modified cars started taking off their plates and hiding the dash VIN plates. I'm proud of the diligence I had toward my job even if it did almost get me fired.


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