Terry Page 1950-2017

I just heard this afternoon that Terry Page, the owner of Page One Automotive (POA) died yesterday. I wouldn't say I knew Terry well; I usually saw him at different car events his company had organized. But I liked him.

I first came into contact with Terry in 1997, when I started writing for the Pacifica Tribune. I had contacted some of the car companies looking for test cars and one of them referred me to POA.Terry hooked me up with my first test car in the US, a '97 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible. Later that year Terry asked me if I was aware of the Western Automotive Journalists (WAJ) (I wasn't) and he suggested I should attend their Media Day at Sears Point.

For those that don't know if you review cars the cars come from a company that arranges everything for the car company. POA is one of two in the Bay Area.

I've been told that Terry started POA a little over 30 years ago. In that time there have been three or four others in our area that have come and gone but POA has persevered. POA does more than just make sure writers get cars - they organize car events for most of their clients including WAJ's Media Days (plural now).

I respected Terry immensly. Not only did he start and helm POA, he assembled a group of employees that reflect his vision for customer service. It's no surprise that many of his employees have been with him for a long time.

One little observation about Terry that said it all to me about his character. One year during the Monterey Car Week I had to go to The Inn at Spanish Bay to pick up a pass to something. The Inn was headquarters for many car company execs, some of them clients of POA. There out front was Terry schlepping luggage for them. Terry may have owned the company but he was not above doing even the most menial job. That says it all.

My condolences go out to Terry's family and his employees. You will be missed Terry but not forgotten.


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