2015 Pacific Coast Dream Machines - A Great Gathering!

Sunday, April 26, 2015 was the 25th Anniversary of the wonderful Pacific Coast Dream Machines, an annual celebration of cars, flying machines, antique farm equipment, stationary engines and just about everything and anything that makes noise and or smoke.

I have been going every year since 1991 except for the four years I was in Vegas. Sometimes I go as a spectator, sometimes as an entrant - it depends on what I have to drive. This year I entered the fantastic '64 Ranchero (well the finished version will be fantastic, at least in my mind).

I left my house for the Half Moon Bay Airport about 7:30 am and arrived about 8:15 am. Not bad. But then it took almost as long to get to where I parked on one of the runways. It was that crowded.

The weather was pretty good; clear blue skies, temperature in the 60s but with a brisk breeze. There were hundreds of entrants. I didn't go to the airplanes but you could watch them fly overhead from anywhere in the area.

Oh and bands, did I mention bands? The Coastside is home to many great musicians. There was rock, blues, soul.

The event benefits Coastside Adult Day Health Center.

Without further ado here's pictures of what tickled my fancy starting with my Ranchero.
 Yessir, that's my baby! Red air cleaner atop a 260 V8.
In case you're interested those are Ford Ranger 15" wheels.
 Not sure what year - '70 or '71 - but a beautiful car.
 '631/2 Galaxie. The insignia says 427 but it was a 390 w/4-speed.
 Torpedo-nose Studebaker
 Sweet roadster
 Oldsmobile Starfire Convertible
'49 Ford Woodie 
 Nice rodded Mopar coupe
 '65 Buick Skylark Sport Wagon

 '47 Diamond T 201 pickup
'49 Chevy Panel truck; I owned one just like this in 1970/71.
AMC Marlin

 '49 Cadillac Series 62 Cadillac Convertible
 A shot of one runway; cars on both sides and a dual row up the middle.

 '64 Pontiac Grand Prix

 '55 Ford Crown Victoria with glass roof

 '58 Chrysler New Yorker
 Ginetta G4
 Hemi in a Deuce Coupe, what could be better?
 Beautiful XKE
 '60 Pontiac Catalina
 How's this for a disparity?

Ford Tractor but with a V8? Fast farm work.
 Clean early '70s International Travelall
 '63(?) Rambler American
 Cadillac Lasalle
 Hmm, maybe I should swap the Ranchero for this pickup.
 Radical chop on a '49/50 Ford.
 This thing actually ran! 
'65 GTO
'37 Ford Coupe

 '67 Cougar

 '61 Buick Skylark

If I've made any errors in dating or naming any car or you know information on cars not dated and named, let me know and I'll make corrections.


William Haskins said…
Wish I could have made it down there this year. Looks like a lot of interest and by the looks of the traffic on Hwy. 1 this weekend it went well.

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