While you weren't looking.

Autonomous cars, you know those self-driving cars that are being tested on a road near you, will save mankind. The proponents of self-driving cars say they will eliminate crashes and auto deaths. Over 30,000 people die every year on US highways so that means self-driving cars could save over 30,000 people every single year. A laudable achievement.

But, and there is always a but in order for a complete elimination of auto deaths there will have to be 100% self-driving vehicles on our roads. So while all the car collectors worry about smog inspections, ethanol in gasoline, and all the laws that seem to be aimed at older cars, the high tech industry developed a plan that will take not only the older cars off the highways and byways but all vehicles that require a driver.

How many deaths is your personal freedom worth? I don't have an answer; I don't wish death to anyone, especially not in some horrific car crash,but I don't want to just sit back and enjoy the ride either. I enjoy driving. So what is the answer?


Bill Haskins said…
I am apprehensive, at best. I don't know how I want to 'share the road' with cars that never exceed the speed limit and are 100% perfect at every instance. I know the insurance companies are gripping! No more wrecks means "who needs insurance anymore?"

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